Capsule is a self-driven concept.

I believe the way humans shop online and represent themselves via fashion is constantly evolving, and Capsule is a concept to help everyone find the balance between the art and science of shopping in the digital age.


At it's core – Capsule is an application that allows users to bookmark online products. Users can save products by tapping the share button within Safari, or by adding it manually via a URL.

The product is then added to your Capsule, and the application searches the web using Google's Shopping API to give you the cheapest price.

From here, Capsule can notify you if the saved product ever goes on sale.

Whether it's an outfit for friday night, or you're planning your purchases for the summer – Capsule allows all users to group and curate their saved items into collections.

WebApp_Home CopyWebApp_Home Copy

Capsule is synced across the web – so you can bookmark products from any device.

Group + Path 42Group + Path 42