I’m always working on new experiments, businesses and dumb ideas.

Here’s a round up of what I’ve done
so far, with all the dirty details.

Current projects ––––––

Neue Goods →

Quality goods inspired by independent digital and creative culture.

Started: Dec 2015
Revenue: $2500

foundry.nu →

A directory of independent type foundries.
Hacked together over a few hours as a static site, being updated regularly.

Started: Feb 2017

Sketch and Semplice →

A how to guide for designers wanting to build a completely custom portfolio website with zero coding experience required.

Started: Jun 2016
Revenue: $1100

Clark from InVision →

The world's worst website for the world's best email marketer.

Started: Jun 2016
Page Views: 6k+

Past projects ––––––––

Shit Bar Ideas →

Idea generator for your next hipster trash bar. Featured by Mashable, Daily Mail, Pedestrian and Junkee.

Created: Feb 2016
Page Views: 1 Million+

Personal Brand Co.

Nice looking resumes and branding for my non-designer friends.

Created: Jan 2016
Revenue: $98

Deareasternprom →

Independent publishing, 35mm cameras and punk cassette tapes. Started when I was 17. Shipped 200+ orders out of my bedroom.

Started: 2012
Revenue: $4000+


An online marketplace allowing designers to sell concept work to teams building real things. Built a functioning app but got turned away from startup incubators.

Started: Mar 2015
Revenue: $0

CursorPNG →

A simple tool for digital designers to indicate hover states and effects to developers, clients and other collaborators.

Created: Mar 2016

Yung Cheese →

Selling digital pizzas via the internet and dank memes.

Started: Jan 2016
Revenue: $496


An e-commerce bookmarking app designed mobile first. Wanting to pass this on to someone with iOS experience.

Started: Aug 2015

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